Courtyard House by Figr Architecture

Located in Australia, Figr Architecture builds a modern oasis home that features bold materials and contrast, but is an airy, calming, open concept space that connects seamlessly with the outdoors.

The house is divided by three landscape zones: the front yard, the courtyard, and the rear yard. The landscaped courtyard is the heart of the house, masking the neighbouring dwellings while at the same time revealing canopies of the surrounding trees.  - Figr Architects.

The interior features raw and refined natural materials that create a balance between the buildings exterior and interior while having the concept flow effortlessly throughout the space. The use of wood paneling on the ceiling brings interest and leads your eye and body through the home. Skylights and floor to ceiling windows bring illuminate the house and take advantage of the sunny weather in Australia.

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FIGR Architecture Studio

Project Team
Adi Atic, Michael Artemenko

Grundella Constructions

Tom Blachford

Ruth Welsby