Hello! My name is Brad Yuen. I am an Interior Design student and Photographer from Vancouver, Canada. This is my portfolio of some of my work.

I study interior design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I believe that that a home or interior space is where people spend countless hours working or living. These spaces need to be inspiring, functional and accommodating for the human body. I want to create spaces that promote healthy living and working while being aesthetically beautiful and are able to connect the person to the space. I am currently working towards my Bachelor's at BCIT.

I have loved photography ever since I was a young boy. Always playing with my dad's cameras and taking photos of everything. Quickly the scenery of this beautiful place I live in became my favourite thing to photograph. Photography is a large creative output for me as I can view nature and spaces from different perspectives and capture photographs that feel timeless and vivid.

I hope you enjoy my work and thanks for stopping by!